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Edition 90, Digital Literacies, is now available to members through our digital platform, Yudu. This and the most recent two years’ editions of the journal can be accessed online via the Members’ Area. If you would like full access to our most recent editions, join us.

Digital Literacies (Volume 90, Summer 2016)


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“For this edition we have returned to the theme of digital literacies. We suspected that our use of digital technology had greatly increased over the five years since our first Journal on this subject, when it was a relatively new way of working with our learners for some of us. There is a telling description by one of our writers of how it used to be, with learners working in isolation, facing computers lined up facing the classroom walls, which resonated with me as a tutor. With the now widespread familiarity with tablets and other devices, we can see how the whole classroom experience has changed.

We include our usual book reviews, looking at two publications that we hope will be of interest, and an updated News from the Sector – don’t forget to send us anything you would like to see included next time.

We very much hope you enjoy this winter edition.”

Yvonne Spare, Journal Coordinator

Future Journal Themes

RaPAL have been publishing topical works in this multidisciplinary field since 1985 and we encourage our members to contribute. Please review past editions and guidance on contributing to the journal.

RaPAL 91 2017 Joint Conference 2016 Plus

RaPAL 92 2017 Numeracy as Social Practice

RaPAL 93 2017 Global Literacies

AEM (Annual Editorial Meeting) 2nd September 2017: please email the Journal Co-ordinator, Yvonne, journal@rapal.org.uk if you are interested in participating in editorial

Next Deadline for Journal 92 is tbc 31st March 2017

Commemorative Edition

ROWA RaPAL 87(thumbnail)
“This edition of the journal commemorates RaPAL’s thirty years, and the revolutionary social practices approaches to adult literacies education brewing in the eighties. We are delighted to carry commemorative pieces by Mary Hamilton and Brian Street, and some new ‘columns’ and features in the journal, such as contributing online commentary. The articles explore different aspects of the critical nature of people, their lives and contexts in literacies education. The topics range from provision for the Roma community in Spain, excluded young people on London’s troubled estates and community empowerment approaches through the global award-winning Reflect method, to theoretical analyses of motivation and frameworks of context in learning. We share our experimental part-virtual multi-hub Regional Colloquia held across three of the four nations last summer; and encourage you to participate in our Stories of Resilience co-publication with ACAL. Please do give us some feedback via the link on page 4. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tara Furlong and Julie Furnivall, edition 87 editors”

Taster Journals

We have created another short Taster Journal for publicity and distribution and as the previous version proved very popular. Both can be found here:

RaPAL Taster 2013 Taster Journal 2006

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