Research and Practice in Adult Literacy – a friendly group


Research and Practice in Adult Literacies (RaPAL) is the only UK-wide organisation that focuses on the role of literacies in adult life. We enjoy engaging in debates that touch on English language and literacy, numeracy and digital skills across homes, communities and workplaces. Through our members, digital journals, conferences and fora, policy and advocacy work, we are active in Europe and have international links. We are a member of ELiNet (the European Literacy Network).

We are an independent network of learners, teachers, managers and researchers in adult education. The network was established in 1985 and is supported by annual membership subscription only. The benefits of being a member include:
– a yearly conference,
– three journals each year,
– an email discussion forum via a JISClist.
Any individual or institution may join who sympathises with our aims.

The RaPAL management group organises regular meetings throughout the year both online and at different locations around the country. RaPAL’s members are welcome to participate in these meetings and get involved with RaPAL.

Please contact the Regional Advocate for your area to find out more.

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