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BERA SIG (Special Interest Group): Post-Compulsory Education and Lifelong Learning ‘Vocationalism: Past, Present and Future’

I enjoyed attending this intense day recently, which comprised ten compact presentations with round-table discussions, including international perspectives of participants from universities in Australia and France, and the global WorldSkills initiative. Diverse theoretical frameworks of andragogy and associated contemporary issues were explored prioritising conceptualising knowledge and experience in vocational practice. Policy and institutional critiques discussed functionality and complex skill development. Overall tensions included those between vocational and academic; broad and transferable versus situated curricula; judgments …

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Research Research Research Practice Practice Practice

There has been plenty in the educational press about progressing research in education at all levels over the last year or two; less about the teachers and other practitioners who manage it. Pasi Sahlberg’s Annual Lecture last summer celebrated 40 years of the British Educational Research Association (BERA). Its title ‘Facts, True Facts and Research’ …

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