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Research Reports

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The BBC and British Council recently released a report, English reconceived: Raising teachers’ awareness of English as a ‘plurilithic’ resource through an online course. It describes Changing Englishes, designed to raise awareness of the ‘plurilithic’ nature of English, enable teachers to value the diversity of individually and locally appropriate learning objectives and outcomes, and promote the development and sharing of pedagogical strategies which respond to the global realities of the language.

The fourth and final report of the NIESR/BMRB evaluation of the impact of participation in a literacy or a numeracy course at a college for a qualification: Evaluation of the Impact of Skills for Life Learning Longitudinal Survey of Adult Learners on College-based Literacy and Numeracy Courses.

The Scottish Survey of Adult Literacies 2009 ( SSAL2009) is based on the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) carried out in the mid-1990s as part of an international programme of surveys. It involved a random sample of 1927 16-65 year olds in Scottish households. The sampling strategy ensured a high degree of representativeness as well as allowing in-depth discussion of issues such as gender, social class, and level of urbanisation.

Edited by Shelley Tracey and sponsored by LSDA Northern Ireland, this collection of papers Practitioner Research in Essential Skills: Perspectives on engagement in learning is the outcome of work undertaken by participants on the Diploma in the Teaching and Management of Literacy and Essential Skills at Queen’s University Belfast.


The National Institute for Adult Continuing Education (NIACE)

NIACE carries out development, research and consultancy activities in all   areas of adult learning. More…

Two recent reports from NIACE were the:

  • Work, Society and Lifelong Literacy Report of the inquiry into adult literacy in England (September 2011) download here.
  • Numeracy Counts: NIACE Committee of Inquiry on Adult Numeracy Learning Final Report (February 2011) download here.

The National Research and Development Centre for adult literacy and numeracy (NRDC)

The NRDC produces a wide range of publications relating to adult literacy, numeracy and ESOL, including research reports, practitioner guides and policy briefing papers. Most of NRDC’s publications are available to download or order FREE of charge. More…

The National Adult Literacy Association (NALA)
NALA is a leading campaigning and lobbying force on adult literacy issues. They are involved with tutor training, developing teaching materials, distance education services, policy making, research and campaigns to raise awareness of the causes, extent and responses to adult literacy difficulties in Ireland. Papers available here.

Recent reports include:

The Scottish Centre for the Book

The Scottish Centre for the Book was established in 1995 and is housed within Edinburgh Napier University based at Craighouse Campus. The centre undertakes a range of commissioned research on the social and economic   aspects of the publishing industry and on the creative industries in   general, with the aim of enhancing and promoting the study of print   culture in all its forms. More…

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