Research and Practice in Adult Literacy – a friendly group



Changing Faces of Adult Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL: A critical history of policy and practice 1970-2000.

By Mary Hamilton and Yvon Hillier

This ESRC-funded project took a historical look at policy and practice in the field of Adult Literacy,   Language and Numeracy (ALLN). More…

Teaching Adult Literacy: Principles and Practice.

By Nora Hughes and Irene Schwab

In this book, the authors offer friendly guidance on how to work with adult   learners to develop their literacy skills and practices. They challenge the negative view of adult literacy learners as social ‘problems’, often described in terms of their deficits. They promote an alternative view of people who have rich resources and skills in many areas of their lives which they can bring to   the learning process. More…

Why Literacy Matters: Understanding the Effects of Literacy Education for Adults.

By Ralf St. Clair

This book draws on decades of literacy research from around the world to contribute to the   continuing debate about what literacy means and how it affects people throughout   their lives. More…

Reading material our members found useful and recommend:

Powerful Literacies

 By Jim Crowther, Mary Hamilton and Lynn Tett

More Powerful Literacies                      Product Details

The advance of Literacy to the forefront of an agenda of social inclusion, participation and active citizenship has inspired a technical literature aimed at practitioners. This book seeks to interrogate the ideas, assumptions and policies that inform literacy practice.

Research Methods in Education

By Louis Cohen, Lawerence Manion and Keith Morrison

This book has five main parts: the context of educational research, planning educational research, styles of educational research, strategies for data collection and researching and data analysis.

Interpreting Qualitative Data

By  David Silverman

This is recommended as a perfect book for any student new to qualitative research.

Have you read anything insightful lately?

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