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Emma Smith

Emma Smith, Ganney’s Meadow Nursery School

I started at school. At first I was good at maths and in top sets but then I began to fall behind. I never liked school as I’m not much of a people person. I left school at the age of fifteen, as I wanted to be a dental nurse. After a little while I left and started work in Marks and Spencer. I worked there for six years due to having my little boy Damon. Then came Ellie. Then my little flower Poppy. Before I knew it all three kids were in school and bringing homework home. I found myself unable to help them as I didn’t understand the work.

All three of my children are very bright. My youngest, Poppy, has autism and is a whizz with numbers so she gets extra homework. Now my three children are older and now I want to make them proud of their mummy. I want to be able to help them with their homework. I would love one day to become a teaching assistant (TA) but maybe for special needs as I find people don’t understand how their minds work and I do with having my little flower. So here I am today starting right from the starting point in maths. I don’t find maths easy but I’m keen to learn as I want to make something of myself and better my family’s life. This time I’m ready for the challenges ahead and I’m not giving up until I’ve reached my goals. I feel lucky with this maths course as I like the group and the teacher seems to understand me as a person which is nice. It makes coming each week easier.


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