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Call for Articles

Now is your chance to write for the RaPAL Journal on the topic of

T-levels, apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships

Everything is change with T-levels, apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships; and the ways of going about developing learners’ English, maths and digital skills. Functional workplace literacies practices share features with ‘academic English’ and with ‘digital skills’. Using the right ‘language’ makes all the difference. Teaching and learning methodologies draw on pedagogic and professional dynamics. The next edition of the journal is working to elucidate the challenges and find some successes in this new world of work. Contribute a piece to this autumn’s patchwork of industry practices.

We welcome both new and experienced writers. We are happy to discuss your ideas and to help with drafting and preparing your piece for publication. If you haven’t written for RaPAL before, have a look at the general submission guidelines (Write for us) on our website http://www.rapal.org.uk or find them towards the back of a previous edition. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Your contribution could be:
• an extended academic discussion (this will be peer-reviewed)
• an insight into adult education policy as it affects literacy and numeracy provision at the present time
• a reflective piece on your teaching
• an issue that is related to your own practice or to that of other providers you know about
• a poem or other creative piece
• something visual with text as required
Any of these ideas or others you would like to submit will be welcome – please let us know that you intend to write first.

We will need to see firsts drafts by the deadline of Monday, 30th September.

Please send a copy of your draft to journal@rapal.org.uk.

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