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Call for Articles

Call for articles for all practitioners, researchers, and learners in Adult Literacy & Numeracy / Family Literacy & Numeracy / Adults with Additional Needs /ESOL

Theme: ‘Literacies in Different Spaces’

The theme for RaPAL’s next edition, Journal 95, is ‘Literacies in Different Spaces’. This theme offers opportunities to explore how literacies are developed in diverse contexts: both inside and outside the classroom, in formal and non-formal educational contexts. With the rapidly expanding area of ‘third’ or ‘voluntary’ sector provision, particularly in the area of second-language literacies, this opens up potentialities for more creative and collaborative practices across a spectrum of cultural and social literacies, perhaps reaching groups for whom traditional notions of literacies are not as easily accessible.

Incorporated within this theme we are interested also in pieces around additional educational needs and how different physical and/or metaphorical spaces have been experienced or used to develop adult literacies in unique ways and which could have the potential to inspire others working in this field.

For this issue we welcome diverse interpretations of ‘Literacies in Different Spaces’, from wide-ranging educational and social contexts. These could explore, although are not limited to, aspects of the following:

  • ‘Meaning of literacies’: for adults with additional learning needs
  • ‘Spaces for literacies’: from physical to metaphysical
  • ‘Families and literacies’: utilising spaces inside and outside the classroom
  • ‘Expanding literacies’: literacies in diverse educational sectors

We encourage contributions from teachers, learners, researchers and anyone else involved in literacies, from both new and experienced writers. We welcome a variety of formats with possibilities including:

  • An extended academic discussion (this will be peer-reviewed)
  • A reflective piece in text, audio or visual form on your experience of teaching or learning of literacies in different spaces.
  • An innovative idea you have tried in the classroom or beyond communicated through text, audio, or video.
  • A poem, narrative, or other visually creative piece to represent or demonstrate the meaning of literacies to a specific audience.

If you require further information on writing for the journal, please see the RaPAL journal (https://rapal.org.uk) or contact one of us to discuss your ideas.

Please send first drafts by Monday 30th April 2018 at the latest, and ideally earlier, particularly when they are peer reviewed pieces. Please send a copy of your draft to our editors as soon as you are able to at the email addresses below.

With best wishes,

Mary-Rose, Angela and Anne

Mary-Rose Puttick
PhD Student / Assistant Lecturer
School of Education, Birmingham City University
Email: mary-rose.puttick@bcu.ac.uk

Angela Cahill
VTOS Coordinator,
Louth and Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB)
Email: acahill@lmetb.ie

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