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Call for Articles

Now is your chance to write for the RaPAL Journal on the topic of

English and adult literacies: lockdown and beyond

We are inviting articles on the impact and longer-term implications of lockdown on English and adult literacies teaching and learning for the next edition of the RaPAL digital journal. How have you stayed in contact with learners and how have they done studying remotely? What changes has this implicated for your andragogy? Which learners have been disadvantaged by the remote processes, and which has it perhaps worked better for? How have you found yourself adapting? Has lockdown and remote delivery helped engage any learners you were previously struggling to reach? How is opening back up going? Looking forward to the year ahead, what will you be carrying forward from lockdown in your teaching and learning? We’d love to hear from you. This can be a short reflection piece on your learners or learning materials and methods, or a more substantiated piece about the impact and implications on different areas of provision.

If you’d like to contribute an article this term – long or short – please do get in contact with Yvonne journal@rapal.org.uk, Sarah 100@rapal.org.uk or Tara webweaver@rapal.org.uk to discuss further. Guidance on writing for us is also available online here https://rapal.org.uk/journal/write-for-us/

Deadline Friday, 17th July.

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