Research and Practice in Adult Literacy – a friendly group

Our Purpose

Promote effective and innovative practices in adult literacies teaching, learning and research
Support adult literacies practitioners and researchers

How we do this:

• Disseminate and promote research, practice, news and developments (via the journal, mailing lists, website and social media)
• Provide networks (nationally/ regionally), e.g. for literacies teaching and action research
• Bridge research and practice
• Hold conferences/ events
• Critique current policy and practice literacies frameworks, e.g. where it is based on simplistic notions of ‘literacy as a skill’
• Support practitioners’/ researchers’ professional development and nurture new voices
• Develop and maintain partnerships locally, nationally and internationally


• Find out about members so we can use their skills/ expertise and meet their needs
• Establish and maintain structures for networking and partnership development
• Revitalise the RaPAL Jisclist
• Actively promote RaPAL
• Actively support members wanting to undertake research
• Continue to develop the journal and methods of publication
• Continue to develop the website and use of social media
• Participate in and disseminate contemporary dialogues around literacies
• Promote the dissemination of effective and innovative practices, activities and experiences in adult literacies teaching, learning and research
• Generate professional development materials
• Continue to hold conferences/ events
• Allocate resources to activities
• Plan for succession

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