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Zhiyuan Cheng

Zhiyuan Cheng, Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre

My story. I am from China. I was working in a shipping company for international shipping. I learnt English in China, in night school, like college. Then I used some English during my working life. I had to send cable, send fax and some things in English to the other companies overseas. Usually I can write and read some English, but listening and speaking is not good.

I came here as my son is working here. I found I could not hear. Some people’s English I could understand, but in Australia, most people come from everywhere around the world. It is just like the U.N. with so many different accents, including mine. I speak English, other people cannot understand me, and I cannot understand others as well. I can read and I can write some, and then they can understand me. So I came here to learn English, and to correct my accent, and to understand other people with different accents. My memory is not so good. I learn a word here, tomorrow I will forget it. So I have to keep my mind and my English fresh.

I was taking a train, and the announcement that the train stopped, I couldn’t understand it. Other passengers were getting off the train, and I couldn’t understand. I asked the other passengers what happened. They said that the driver told us the train will not go further, they have to stop here, and they have some trouble. So everybody has to get off the train, and then take the bus to go on. So I hope I can learn more English and understand other people, so I can understand what the announcements say, so I cannot get lost.


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