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Xuemei Fu

Xuemei Fu, TAFE Northern Sydney Institute

My name is Xuemei, and I was born in Hubei, China. I have lived in Australia since August 2013. It was quite difficult for me to find a similar Human Resources position in Australia, because my English writing skills are really poor. I missed an opportunity to work with a Hong Kongese international trade company two years ago, because the position needs to use English via emails between the clients and suppliers every day. So, I have to choose to study as an adult, because I really want to improve my reading and writing skills.

After one term of study, I have conquered the fear of writing in English, and my writing has much improved. I would like to suggest to other adults who want to improve their life and technical abilities to just go back to study. Studying as an adult, not only can you learn skills you need, but also open your mind and get some new ideas for your life. Studying as an adult also made me many new friends as well.


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