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Victor Isla

Victor Isla, MTC Maroubra

Since my arrival in Australia in July 1980, I was determined to work hard to save a deposit to buy a home for my family. We were tired of renting and having to move from one property to another. During this time, I also studied screen printing at the Sydney Technical College (Now known as TAFE) to improve my skills and find a better job. After we finally bought our first home, my wife worked hard as a stay-at-home mother to look after our young daughters. I decided to find a second job to help speed up our mortgage payments. I worked twelve hours per day Monday to Friday, and five hours part-time on Saturday. After fifteen years of hard work and long hours, I finally saved enough to repay the bank in full. The day my wife and I finalised our mortgage, we felt relieved that our dream of owning our home had come true. These days, we are able to live in our home without the burden of any mortgage or rent payments.


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