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Qianghua Chen Anne

Qianghua Chen Anne, Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre

My story. I am Anne. I came from China. I have been in Australia for two years. I like to tell you my story to learn English. In China, I am a maths teacher in high school. I taught maths for thirty years. We used computers in home teaching. I also wrote teaching methods books. My students are working in Australia, and in America and England. In China, I am a bit important. I felt I am a very useful person, so no time to learn English. My English is zero.

After I came here, everywhere is in English. My eyes couldn’t see, my mouth couldn’t speak, my ears couldn’t hear, and my hands couldn’t write. I felt I was a useless person. I couldn’t shop, I couldn’t take the bus, I couldn’t go out, and I couldn’t tell my story to you. I was not happy. I hadn’t any friends.

And then I came to Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre to learn English in Manjit’s class. I got all the help now. I can speak a little English. I can go shopping. I can take the bus to go out. I can tell my story to you. I like it here. Now I am feeling happy. My teacher Manjit has raised me up.


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