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Patrick Sellick

Patrick Sellick, Learn Devon

Patrick Sellick

Before I started learning, I was miserable and not myself. I didn’t get out much. I had a bad accident when I was young which means I can’t use my left arm properly, and I have other health problems. I started the courses because I wanted to get more experience and learn new things.

For eight years I have been going to college to do different courses, including Preparing to Work with Children and Young People, English and maths. I also did a course about Hate and Mate Crime and went on to give talks about it. I have gained a lot of certificates and experience. I passed my Diploma in English and maths* which made me very proud.

A few years ago I won an Adult Learner’s Award** (now Festival of Learning) and went to a ceremony in Exeter.

Learning has changed my life. I have got more patience now to do things, and with other people I am more confident and outgoing and friendly. I am socialising more and have met a lot of people this year.

I am looking after myself better and have had the courage to get my hearing and eyesight tested. I try to help other people stay healthy, get help and not get into trouble.

My writing and reading is good. I only need a little help with some spellings now.

I am extremely independent. I have found out that I can do more things by myself. I have a lot of respect for myself and I am a caring, kind man. I am a volunteer working with children at my church, and I love and respect the children I work with. I am a good team player and work well with others.

I have recently started to enjoy cooking, mostly baking, and in the New Year I will be learning more about healthy eating and getting fitter.

Now I’m able to leave some of the bad stuff in my life behind and look forward to the future.

*OCR Life and Living Skills (entry level 2) **Certificate of Achievement (South West)


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