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Monique Harris

Monique Harris, MTC Maroubra


Day to day: living from day to day, coping with life’s chores can be rewarding, yet very stressful for anyone.

Falling sick: then you fall sick. At first, it’s pretty cool. You lie in bed all day, no work, no cleaning, no worrying about anything. Just relax, sleep and be waited on.

Pain: then the pain sets in. Wow! Cleaning and working isn’t looking too bad now. The day to day stresses of life were pretty simple compared to this pain.

Depressed: feeling useless in a bed day after day, week after week, can make you go a little crazy, and feel a bit depressed.

Finding Hope: taking yourself out of a dark place isn’t easy, but with faith, hope and will power, anything is possible.

Should Do: dreaming

Reality: awake

Victory: you did it!

Trust in yourself: but never give up. Trust in yourself, have a little faith and hope, and you will overcome anything.


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