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Mohamed Camara

Mohamed Camara, OAE

My name is Mohamed Camara. I am from the Guinea Republic’s capital city Conakry in West Africa. I am a student at Olympic Adult Education (OAE) at this moment, and I am also studying community services three days a week. I have a soccer program coaching young people skills as part of my knowledge for two hours. I do my work placement in a local organisation.

I chose to learn English because it is the first stage for me to integrate into society and also to have better skills in English writing and speaking. Having these skills I will be able to work properly in the industry that I would like to work. I know that at the moment I need to work hard to achieve my goals, but I am sure soon I will get there.

Generally I have had many different experiences in my life concerning my learning skills. Being in a new country like Australia is exciting because despite the obstacles, this country’s education system is offering different opportunities to new arrivals to study English.

When I arrived in Australia two and a half years ago, I had some learning skills problems like communicating clearly with people, but since I joined Olympic Adult Education (OAE) I have improved a lot my skills in writing and speaking English.

Before I was speaking a little bit of English but not so well as to express myself completely or to understand people properly when they speak. Now I am starting to be more relaxed when I am in conversation with people like doctors, teachers, workers or friends.

To overcome these learning challenges, the experiences I have got before were very important to me. I tried always to minimise the mistakes and to be aware of some serious points. I encouraged myself and I never gave up to achieve my goals.

Now I am still learning English and doing my courses in the community services sector. My English skills have improved a lot and probably will help me to study and understand my options for further paid work. I am doing at the moment my work placement and a volunteer job as well as to prepare my career by getting a permanent and full-time job.

By participating in adult education, I can create new relationships with co-workers, make new friends and communicate with people appropriately. I am confident in speaking English although I am not yet very good, but I can express better my ideas now than a few months ago, which is positive.

I will just encourage other people to join the adult education centres so that it will be easier for them to integrate into society, and also to find better jobs. We can say also that it will help them to create new networks which is very important for their career.


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