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Mirim Kim

Mirim Kim, TAFE Northern Sydney Institute

My name is Mirim Kim, and I was born in Incheon in Korea. I have been in Australia since 2015.

The main reason that I have studied as an adult student is that I want to work as a psychotherapist in organisations like Unicef, and English is basic for it. Also, I want to study in Australia and overseas. In addition, studying as an adult has improved my life a lot because I have made friends from other countries, and I have a chance to get a better job. Moreover, it makes overseas trips easy since many countries use and understand English.

I think that studying as an adult is a good chance as well as a challenge for self-development. I know it is very difficult for adults to learn something new like language, but learning new things is a worthwhile activity. If they look back later, I’m sure that they will not regret it.


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