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MI, Bebington library

2012 Made a decision to go to maths class! Big decision as I hated maths at school and was no good at it!

2013 Been at maths for a year now. Learning maths concepts which I can actually understand. Have some concepts of the dreaded fractions!

2014 Only meant to stay at maths for a year and here I am again! I am enjoying classes and have learnt a lot. Feeling more confident and that I have achieved a lot. I have actually sat some test papers.

2015 Year three and I’m still here! Feel as if I have come a long way and sat many tests now. Even if I have failed, I still have a better knowledge of maths concepts. Able to help my children with her homework and able to do everyday things, i.e. measurement, percentages, fractions, conversion ratios. Very stimulating for me and learning.

Hope to continue my classes and get some qualifications in maths. Have enjoyed learning and being back at ‘school’ – something I did not think I would when I started in 2012.


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