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Maria Sergeeva

Maria Sergeeva, TAFE Northern Sydney Institute

My name is Maria Sergeeva. I was born in Moscow, Russia. I have been living in Australia since 2014.

I chose to study English immediately when I came to Australia because I wanted to integrate in Australian social life. Knowledge of English is a necessity to stay in an English-speaking country. Study as an adult is improving my life. This allows me to improve my self-development, modify my English skills, as well as helping me communicate with people, and enlarging my circle of friends. Moreover, study as an adult helps me feel confident and proud of myself. Furthermore, it helps me to find a job and take more life benefits.

I would say to other adults who are thinking about study that it is a good experience, which improves your life and provides more opportunities.

It is never too late to learn. The main thing is to start and then have fun.


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