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Lottie Napangardi Robertson

Lottie Napangardi Robertson

What is resilience? It is our capacity to deal with difficult situations.

Twenty years ago, my husband, my family and I travelled to Lajamanu. Before coming to the Granites, our car broke down. It had a radiator problem. So we didn’t have much water and we started to get upset because we had little ones with us. Our water supply started to get low and also the food was all eaten so we didn’t know what to do. We didn’t want to spend another day, so we decided to make a big bush fire so that the people from the Granites could see the smoke and so that someone will come and help us get back home. An hour later someone finally came and brought us back to Yuendumu. So next time I take my grandchildren I must make sure we have a vehicle that is in good condition and always let families know ahead when we leave the community.

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