Research and Practice in Adult Literacy – a friendly group

Laura Coysh

Laura Coysh, Leasowe Early Years and Adult Learning Centre

We started English and maths for our future to be better. We started English and began with a letter. Its helped us so much in regard to education. We feel much better in the Leasowe recreation. We first found English hard and so it took time but we had a brilliant teacher who made us feel fine. When we started maths we began with a test then the teacher taught us more which made us the best. We have learnt so much every single lesson so we thank you very much for your maths and English blessing. We are sad that it has come to the end. Maths and English are our new set trend. We feel so happy with all of our work and all help that we received. We feel more confident in English and maths and what we have achieved.


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