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Kumi Takeoka

Kumi Takeoka, TAFE Northern Sydney Institute

I am Kumi Takeoka and I was born in Japan. I arrived in Australia in 2011. I have studied English at TAFE since I came here. I need to improve my English to live in Australia, because I need to communicate with my daughter’s teacher and her friends’ parents. English is necessary for me to live in Australia. Also, I want to work as a carer in Aged Care which is my career in Japan, so for that I studied Certificate III in Aged Care last year. The course was very difficult for me, but I could learn several things and I made some friends who have the same dream as me. I studied medical knowledge which is very useful when I go to the GP. I think studying as an adult is hard, but it is good for your life. I don’t think I will learn if I stay in Japan. I am glad that I have the opportunity to study here.


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