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Jian Kui Peng

Jian Kui Peng, Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre

My name is Jian Kui Peng. I come from China. I came to Australia for my family because I have three sons; they are all in Australia. So I and my wife came to Australia for a family reunion. In the beginning, coming to Australia, everything for me was very strange. Everything I didn’t know.

Then, slowly, I came to Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre, to learn English, the AMEP English – 510 hours class. Then it was strange to know something, to look at something. I can to a poor man for a daughter, I can go shopping, I can catch the bus and train, I can talk with neighbours, for connecting with communities. For my spirit, I am very happy; not alone, very alone. Now I can connect with other people, with the community. I am very happy. It is slow, learning English in the Learning Centre, as a family. We learn English, we learn with each other, learn in the group.

Life for me is very happy; not at home alone for me, only for me and my wife. Because my son goes to work, he is not at home. I came to this school for many classmates, many schoolmates, brothers and sisters as a family. We are learning with each other, we help each other, we are very happy. I learn English to enrich my life and my spirit. Always to use my brain, I can avoid some sickness. This brain has always to be used.


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