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Jacky, Leasowe Early Years and Adult Learning Centre

I was a literacy buddy then the tutor asked me did I want to do maths. I wasn’t sure at first because I wasn’t very good at maths but I decided to do it. I’m glad I did because I learnt so much. When I was in school I didn’t really understand maths. I find the way the teacher explains things is easy to understand. I now find I am enjoying learning more about maths which I never thought possible. I think because people have been critical of me in the past had put me off trying to achieve things but now I don’t try to think about that and now just get on with things. At first I found it hard to understand maths, at first, but the more I am doing, the more I am learning and enjoying learning more about maths. I am going to come back again because I have enjoyed it and I am keen to learn more. I think the way the tutor teachers helps a lot too. It has given me a lot more confidence.


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