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Issak Ibrahim

Issak Ibrahim, OAE

I am a student in OAE. My background is that I come from Somalia. I came to Australia in 2001. I had a lot of study in my country – typing, Italian, Arabic and a little English. I finished high school, I started university and studied agriculture with Italian language for two years, and then civil war started in 1996.

I started to work at ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) as a medical team member. I worked for one year. Then the war got worse. After, I fled to Kenya to a camp for four years. Then I came to Australia with my two children and my husband. First I started level one English, level two, and then I started Certificate III Childcare Service and Diploma. Now I studied level three and advanced computers.

I need a childcare qualification to get a job. A job is very important for me so I can support my family. I have a small problem with English because it’s not my first language. I have a lot of homework to do at home so I have to do it when my children are asleep.

My self helps me to decide to keep studying. Some friends told me about Olympic and then I started coming. Before I didn’t know about this English course, even though I studied to get my driver licence.

Now I’m living with my husband and my children and I study English. I am looking after my children and still have to improve my English language but my life is better than before. I can write a little more now and I never give up my goals. Since I have studied I can talk with people more and I feel more comfortable because English is very important for society. I don’t want to create extra work for myself. Now I have got my licence and understand conversation.

I love to talk in my community about how to improve my English. I help my children with homework and I talk to my children in English and with my friends and my colleagues. I would tell my friends to come to OAE. I push and say, “Come and join us at Olympic to learn,” because I got confidence. I now understand the different multi-cultures. Before I was shy to talk to other people because I was not confident in English.


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