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Ian, Wirral Lifelong and Family Learning Service

My name is Ian and I live in Wallasey. I did A levels in school and went to university but it didn’t pan out.

I did some retail course and from that did a City and Guilds exam in English and maths. I noticed my limitations were in punctuation and grammar and I sought to overcome these failings. My shortcomings in punctuation held me back in writing a CV properly so I sought to overcome these shortcomings by writing stories by myself and doing role playing on role playing boards, where I was helped by some people on these boards. I hope that adult education will help me further improve these skills and help me get a job.

For those that are not sure about going into adult education, I say just give it a chance. You can only improve yourself and they cater to various skill levels so you won’t be left out. You haven’t got anything to lose by giving it a shot!


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