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Huong Nguyen

Huong Nguyen, OAE

My name is Huong Nguyen. I come from Vietnam. I was a lecturer in a university before I moved to Melbourne in February this year. In Vietnam, I studied pharmacy and worked in only one place. After one month staying at home as a housewife, I took an English course at an adult education centre. I want to find a stable job to settle down. I want to pursue a similar job as I did before. But my English limitations made it difficult to find a job. Nevertheless, the requalification fee of pharmacy is expensive for me to afford. I used to have successful work in my country; however, I have to restart my career in this foreign city. English grammar was hard for me to remember, especially the irregular verbs and the diversity of verbs and prepositions’ combination.

Luckily, my family and friends instructed me to find this course and chose the nearest study place for me. Besides, my English teachers and classmates have shared unhesitatingly their knowledge and experience with me.

Until now, my English speaking and listening skills have improved. I became more confident in social communication and less dependent on my husband. I spend more time outside the house and feel relieved whenever I come to the class. I feel happy when I can tell any stranger the right direction to the bus station. One month ago, I was very reluctant to say a word because I was afraid of giving the wrong instructions.

Don’t ever think it will be a waste of time to restart studying in adult education. Every moment you spend in class, you will feel relieved and upgraded. An English class is not only about English studying. I have learnt how to work out my problems gradually thanks to my class.


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