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Gabriela Grisolia

Gabriela Grisolia, OAE

I am Gabriela Grisolia. I come from Venezuela. I speak Spanish. I was studying marketing in 2004. I worked at a truck company for about nine years. I have been in Australia for five years. I started studying English from the very beginning. Now I can speak Spanish and a little English. I decided to come back to study English because I would like to feel confident, and improve my speaking and writing in English. In the future, I am looking for a job in an office for example.
My principal inspiration was and is my kids, my self, to have a good quality of life and lots of opportunities. My options are short courses, but I don’t have the time and money for continuing my degrees.

When I began to study English in Australia, I was shy and afraid because I didn’t speak English. I didn’t know about many things and I felt scared. I missed my family and friends in my country. I was worried about my new life and if it was the right option to move to Australia or not. When I arrived in Australia my son started childcare. When I left and picked up my son, I couldn’t understand what the staff told me about my son. I felt horrible and disappointed.

Now I am studying English at Olympic Adult Education (OAE). I feel happy and I want to learn more about English and different subjects. I think learning at an adult education centre will improve my speaking and writing. When I finish my courses I can feel confident about my skills. I can help my kids at school. I could update my skills and I can do whatever I like in the future. I always said to my son, “You can do anything, whatever you like when you practice and practice. Don’t worry.”
I talk to my friends and tell them you need to try to speak in English as much as possible and read and listen to the radio.


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