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Faiza Abdullahi

Faiza Abdullahi, OAE

I’m a Somali woman. I come from Somalia and I’m a student. I am studying ESL because I would like to improve my English skills and go to university. First of all my needs inspired me, that was my biggest motivation. Secondly I have had a lot of support from different organisations and people, for example my family, friends, my teachers, government support and my class mates.

I had a lot of interruption e.g. health issues, going overseas, having a family with a busy life and many other things. I have been very determined to continue. Also I have had a lot of support from different people like family and friends. Actually I’m at Olympic Adult Education, in the middle of my study. I think I can study and reach my goal. Now I feel more confident to go to many places I need and do many things I wasn’t able to do before, for example driving and speaking English.

I feel more comfortable to help my family, friends and colleagues, and I also communicate in a better way. I have a good experience in my social life. I would like to say, if you have a difficulty, try a good way to overcome it and ask for the help you need. No matter how long you spend, you will reach your goal. Don’t wait too long to try some solutions. There’s a lot of opportunities in Australia. However, you need to make good decisions and work hard.


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