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Debbie Weldon

Debbie Weldon, MTC Maroubra

Being a single mother, I became isolated from the world and the changes that were happening. With computers becoming prevalent, I decided to learn about them. I chose a course Women out of Work designed for my age. It was very challenging, as I did not own a computer, and couldn’t even turn one on. I was the odd one out in the class for many reasons.

Suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, I found it hard to even get through the induction. I struggled with leaving the house, and catching a train to get to college. Finding classrooms was the biggest challenge. In class, my lack of finances was obvious in my dress, lunch time and interaction with other class members. My teachers were helpful and patient. Frustrated, stressed and down-hearted, I persisted.

Knowing this would change my world, giving up was not an option. With the routine of classes, I found it easier to find my way around and even a reason to get out of bed. One of the other ladies in the class gave me her old computer, so I could practise. I passed the assessments in class and now with my new skills the world is open to me.
With my new found confidence, I attended the end-of-course party and group photo. At fifty years of age, I booked an aeroplane and hotel and went on my first holiday. I also can write resumes and cover letters, which has helped me gain employment. I bought a computer and now use it to store photos and videos, which I use to make cds for my family. I also make birthday cards and party invitations for my grandchildren, who are very impressed with Nana’s skills.

As my family live in remote areas I can plan my transport and email my schedule so I can visit them without them worrying about my journey. Again this is something my grandchildren enjoy. I have found I enjoy learning and have the confidence to enrol and complete other courses.



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