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David Lane

David Lane, MTC Maroubra

To deal with resilience. Facing the stress and trauma that life throws up at me. Not having any work for two years is a stressful time for me, having to look for work and not having the confidence in finding the right one that will suit me. Also, having to deal with the financial situation. Trying to budget can be difficult. Working out how much food to buy for the week at a cheap price, and to make it last without throwing the food away. To be careful what to buy and when to buy it. Being a father of a child whom I do not see is also a stressful time in my life. The worry of how he is coping or doing in his life makes me feel like I failed as a father or dad. To find ways to deal with these situations is not easy. I find that I need to take care of myself and do not let the problem get to me.

Living in the city of Sydney can be stressful sometimes with the noise. Some people’s attitudes can also be annoying. The trouble I get myself into is ridiculous. The fines and court appearances can sometimes be a headache. It is like I have to lock myself in my room and not talk to anyone, in case I get into trouble. That is the feeling I get sometimes. It is like living in an outside prison sometimes. And then you get all this advice on how to run your own life, like being told what to eat and how to eat it. Then having to deal with these things from day to day can test your stress levels. So to be more positive about being down and feeling sorry for myself, I switch my mind towards the things that I like to do. Maybe go for a swim or some sort of exercise, ride a bike, go for a walk.

I also like my sports, so I will read about the horse races or football, to see who is winning. I find this to be enjoyable and passes time quickly. I also socialize with the room-mates at home where I live, maybe give someone a hand with a hobby that they may be working with. For example, cleaning my friend’s boat or car. And if that’s not happening, I will do some cleaning, tidy up my room or kitchen just to keep busy and get my mind off those negative thoughts that I may be having. And I will also do some cooking or prepare a good meal.

Never give up… when things are tough. Persevere and build resilience.


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