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Charan Dass

Charan Dass, OAE

I am Mr Charan. I am a new migrant to Australia. Basically being Indian I spent most of my life time in the defence services. Now after retirement I came here to live with my children and grandchildren. I feel proud to be an Australian beginning my next generation, enjoying helping my grandchildren and leading an active cheerful life with their company.

When I landed here in Australia, I had difficulty in communicating with the local people around me. It was because of my poor English. I was intending to integrate into the Australian society and work culture, therefore it was very necessary for me to enhance my English knowledge, with the result I had to find a suitable institute and I was lucky enough to get enrolled in the Olympic Adult Education (OAE) course where mature and senior people like me can learn and upgrade skills.

As I started my course in this institution I felt very happy because the syllabus here taught is to the perfect standard which is helping me a lot in my learning English. The most influencing thing here is that the course is more practically oriented. The teaching staff here is splendid and pleasing. We experienced problems with listening, and the teacher advised me to listen to ABC television channel news, and it was very helpful too. After completing the first term of our course, we were able to speak and listen to our classmates in English. We have improved a lot and got confidence to face an interview or go to the GP and explain our problems, or interact with official staff.

Doing the English course helped a lot with my English skills. I can communicate with my neighbours and go shopping on my own. I could go to any office and talk to the staff and get any help I needed. Certainly the quality of life has improved. As my communication skills have improved a lot, my family members and friends feel very proud of me. I can now move around independently, talk to people and share my ideas with friends in the community.

The moment I complete my course I will be able to express myself and my experiences during the studies, and exhibit the speaking and listening standards I have attained here. Thereby I will be a good influence on the people who are in search of a good education which is more practically oriented. My acquired English knowledge will itself reflect the standards of Olympic Adult Education (OAE) in society.


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