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Bawk Nang Lahtaw

Bawk Nang Lahtaw, OAE

My name is Bawk Nang Lahtaw. I came from Myanmar. I have been in Australia over three years. I came from a refugee background. I lived in Malaysia for three years. I got a UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) card in 2009. After three years, I arrived in Australia. I have been studying at an adult education college at Olympic Village. Before I started I could write and talk English. I have built my English skills. My writing skills and listening skills have improved now. I have always inspired myself to study my English. I really need to talk to people. No-one can stop me.

I studied English at AMES Flagstaff in 2012. I have done Certificate III in Commercial Cookery Kitchen in 2015 at Australia. I have been working at Isabella Pizza shop since 2015. I have learnt how to cook dishes and how to make sauces. I loved to cook foods.

I have many challenges. My colleagues helped me to speak and learn how to pronounce words. Sometimes, I don’t know what to call a thing, and how to pronounce it, but my friends are helping me at work.

I have been studying English at level 2 and level 3 now. I have a job. I’m looking after my daughter and taking care of her. When I go to school, I put her in childcare.

My speaking, listening, writing, grammar and pronunciation have all improved at Olympic Adult Education, and contributed to improving my quality of life. I can talk more and understand more now. My family have helped my English too. My friends and my community have better speaking skills than me. They have been pushing me to speak English too. I can read stories to my daughter. I can sing to her now. I take her to the library for children’s activities.

I will just continue studying English classes now. When I first started to study English, I did not have any good writing skills, but now I have some idea of it. I will improve my English skills, I will learn at the adult education centre until I’m very good at English.


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