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AV, Leasowe Early Years and Adult Learning Centre

My name is AV. I am a mother of two young children called Alex and Karis aged six and three. I’m twenty-eight years old, and wanting to improve my education. I’m currently taking an Improve Your English class, with a few other adults.

Having children inspired me to better myself and try to get a better job in the future. While I was at school, I never took my education seriously and was more interested in my friends. I left school, and worked for a number of years in jobs such as catering assistant, shop assistant, and factory work.

Now being out of work the past six years to take care of my children, I feel that I would like a better job then my previous employments. And I’d like to gain some more confidence. Now I’m on my second Improve Your English course and I feel I will get some good results to help me get to where I need to be. This will benefit me and my family greatly.

I would recommend adult classes to anyone who wants to improve themselves and sometimes there are creches available, which is a great help for mums!


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