Research and Practice in Adult Literacy – a friendly group

Anne Ward

Anne Ward, Ganney’s Meadow Nursery School

I never done well in school as I was always distracted and lost interest and I was nervous about my work.

I have joined this maths group as I want a qualification or a GCSE result to help me find a job and so that I don’t worry about money and also to show my family that I can achieve this by being confident and trying my best at all things in maths. I need more practice with most things but will keep trying different things to help me. If I do not succeed this time I will keep at it on another course. But hopefully I will do well.

I have enjoyed this maths course as everybody is lovely and friendly and the teacher Jill explains things clearly so that you can understand what you are meant to be doing and you feel relaxed and don’t have to rush your work.


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