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Andy Marsh

Andy Marsh, TAFE East Coast

Andy Marsh

Text interpretation as read by student,
When I started in 2008 my self confidence was low and my will to write forms and documents was no good. My social interactions with people was not good but now it is good. My social interactions with people has improved and there has been an overall improvement with my reading. My overall confidence has improved and I write documents and forms.

Tutor Perspective: Margaret Khan

I have chosen to send you the unedited version of Andy’s story because his learning journey commenced seven years ago with a learning difficulty in evidence (he struggled to write most Dolch words with letters in the correct order). Andy’s hand-written text was completely unaided, and even though he still has literacy difficulties, to reach this point has taken him seven years of faithfully attending a weekly literacy community class. He does not miss a week. This shows true resilience.


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