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RaPAL 100 Project

The RaPAL 100 Project (November 2019 – Feb 2020) is urgently looking for literacies courses, schemes, projects, charitable works, etc. who would be willing to participate in our survey of 100 providers of literacy classes (formal and informal plus other related adult education and initiatives to support adults’ reading, writing, speaking and listening). 

We aim to give a small sample of what is available for literacy students across the UK sector. This will be published in the RaPAL Journal’s 100th edition in Spring 2020.

We intend to draw the attention of local funders, academics and education decision and policy makers to detailed accounts of current needs within adult literacy education.

We plan to visit as many of the centres as possible bringing our project questionnaire about provision with us.

Would you like a visit from one of the RaPAL team, to tell us about what you have succeeded in providing, any difficulties you have with setting up literacy learning, and your observations on the changing needs of literacy students?

OR would you be willing to answer questions for a survey? The questionnaire can be completed below.

Respond at once if you are interested to the RaPAL 100 Project by email to 100@rapal.org.uk or call +44 7703 598815.   

Or please contact journal@rapal.org.uk if you would like more information about how the results will be published, and whether you can contribute to the final articles.

Many thanks, Sarah Freeman on behalf of RaPAL Management

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