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RaPAL 100 Project

Involved in formal or informal  adult literacy provision? We need your help!
Please complete our online survey (below). We know things are not as they were when this project began. There has been a recent flurry of activity from RaPAL members about literacies learning during this time of lockdown and our thoughts on what this will mean in the longer term. To reflect this current situation, we have drawn up some new questions specifically related to adult literacies learning and teaching in lockdown and beyond. You can complete these questions below:

Alternatively, contact us to arrange an interview – a chance to tell us more about your unique successes or the challenges and changes of recent years. We are still keen to hear from people who are happy to complete the full questionnaire. You can complete this below, or download this version of the questionnaire (Word Doc) for offline use.

Many thanks, Sarah Freeman on behalf of RaPAL Management
email: 100@rapal.org.uk or call +44 7703 598815

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