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Sarah Telfer

‘Talk ‘British Values’ to me! Facing the challenges of implementing ‘British Values’ in the Literacy and ESOL classroom.’

Dr Sarah Telfer, University of Bolton

Are ‘British Values’ exclusively ‘British’? Or are they simply part of the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the BREXIT campaign? There are many potential challenges faced by teachers in the current educational climate post Brexit. This workshop will explore the effects of British Values on the teaching of literacy and English as a Second Language (ESOL) in the Further Education and Skills Sector and will examine this in relation to subsequent government policies such as PREVENT (2015). It will explore a common understanding of the role of a teacher with regard to ‘promoting’ British Values and discuss how this might contribute to the development of citizenship and literacy skills.

The compulsory implementation of British Values into teaching and learning in the literacy and ESOL classroom will also be discussed, examining this from the viewpoint of teachers and learners. It will also analyse the use of ‘emotive language’ used to promote such values in educational settings.


The session will involve interaction through Q&A and discussion during the workshop. As all literacy and ESOL teachers are now obliged to promote the fundamental British Values of: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of others; the workshop will offer examples of how to sensitively embed these areas into lesson planning and show examples of activities that teachers can use in their literacy and ESOL classes.


Participants will receive lesson activities and resources for the literacy and ESOL classroom which embed elements of Citizenship and British Values.

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