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Daniela Bacova

Who am I as a literacy teacher?

Challenges to train to become a literacy teacher

Daniela Bacova, University of Bolton

This workshop will provide an insight into literacy trainee teachers’ experiences when developing their teaching skills while taking part in the university-led PGCE course. It will explore challenges trainee teachers face in their professional practice, which requires them to deliver lessons in a variety of educational settings of varied formality, from drop-in informal community-based sessions to highly structured and exam-focused college sessions. The trainees then share their resources and activities they have developed for their teaching practice with the participants of the workshop. They will also reflect on how their innovative ideas have been accepted by their students and how they have progressed in devising new materials while dealing with the demands of the PGCE course and curricula they had to follow.

The trainee teachers will share resources and ideas they have developed for literacy/PGCE and ESOL students. The participants will be asked to experience some activities and provide feedback how these could be utilized in their own practice.

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