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Action Learning in Adult Numeracy: What Really Counts? Workshop 240716

Action Learning in Adult Numeracy: What Really Counts? 

Presenters: Tina Byrne, National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA), Ireland; and Daniel Sellers, Education Consultant, Scotland

Tina Byrne works with the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) in Ireland.

Daniel Sellers is an Education Consultant based in Scotland. More information can be found on www.danielsellers.co.uk

This workshop will present an overview of recent research, published by NALA in the area of adult numeracy and financial numeracy. The workshop will have a particular focus on an action research project that took place with adult numeracy tutors in Ireland. The action research had two aims:

  1. to disseminate and promote the learning from research capturing numeracy practice as it happens in the classroom; and
  2. to offer tutors a rich professional development opportunity.

This workshop will:

  • Describe the research methodologies;
  • Present learning and teaching activities that numeracy tutors use in their day to day practice;
  • Share resources developed as part of the research process including lists of recommended iPad apps for learning numeracy and a set of ‘top tips’ for tutors teaching adult numeracy; and
  • Identify issues and themes arising from the research that can be used to inform CPD for adult numeracy tutors.

We hope that workshop participants will go away inspired to read the project reports, to consider ways in which the action research model can both disseminate existing knowledge and develop new knowledge, and even to put some of the tutors’ ideas into practice. We also hope that they will be inspired by some of the positive changes that the project’s participants experienced in relation to their own practice and careers. For example, a volunteer tutor now sits on the executive board of NALA itself; and another tutor is joint-editing the latest edition of the RAPAL journal.

The workshop will encourage discussion and active reflection throughout.

Useful Resources
A link to the original case study research project:

A link to the report about the subsequent action learning project:

A link to a Framework for meeting the PD needs of numeracy tutors in the FET sector https://www.nala.ie/sites/default/files/publications/nala_numeracy_framework_dec7.pdf

A link to wealth financial numeracy report (2015) –https://www.nala.ie/sites/default/files/publications/a_wealth_of_practice_financial_numeracy_case_studies_1.pdf

A link to report on financial numeracy action learning project

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