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Conference 2011

Literacies in place and time: Looking in, looking out, looking back, looking forward

University of East Anglia, Norwich, 14-16 July 2011

RaPAL’s 26th annual conference hosted by the University of East Anglia sought to address the following questions:

How can we use literacies learning, teaching and research to

  • strengthen and support local communities and partnerships?
  • build regional, national and international connections?
  • draw inspiration from our personal and shared histories?
  • strengthen our values and vision as we look to the future?

Keynote speakers

Professor Mary Hamilton, a founder member of RaPAL, raised issues from her new work on the way literacy and literacy learning have been imagined over the decades and how learners have been represented. Download Mary’s PowerPoint presentation here.

Professor Alan Rogers talked about ethnographic approaches to literacy in the context of international development. Download Alan’s PowerPoint presentation here.

Professor Peter Trudgill spoke about views of ‘Standard English’. Read more…

Conference Workshops

For a full list of workshop presenters, titles, abstracts and supporting materials, please click here.

Images courtesy of Naomi Horrocks (RaPAL member, East of England RaPAL Advocate and conference 2011 organiser)

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