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RaPAL 100 Project – Online Event Thu 29th April 2021 4pm to 5.30pm

RaPAL are delighted, on Thu 29th April 2021 4pm to 5.30pm, to be hosting this free event online. This concludes the RaPAL 100 Project which sought to present a patchwork of current practice and issues in adult literacies across the UK. The research was carried out between Novermber 2019 and July 2020.  Findings and reflections have been published in the RaPAL Journal Volumes 100 (i) and 100 (ii) and a final project report will be published in the forthcomig Volume 102.  

Find out more here.

RaPAL Conferences

RaPAL members arrange one conference per year, distributed around the regions. In these, members and guests present their current research, projects, innovations and teaching and learning practice around conference themes.

Joint Conference 2014 with NIACE, NRDC and UCU: Motivated or Mandated
Joint Conference 2014 with NIACE, NRDC and UCU: Motivated or Mandated

Geographical locations have included:
 2017 Regional Colloquia: tbc
 2016 Joint with L&W, UCL IoE Post-14 Centre, UCU and NATECLA in London
 2015 Joint with NIACE, NRDC, UCU and NATECLA in London
 2015 Regional Colloquia: Glasgow, Merseyside, Cardiff and London
 2014 Joint with NIACE NRDC and UCU in London
 2014 Birmingham
 2013 Joint with NIACE and UCU in London
 2012 Joint with NIACE and UCU in London
 2011 Norwich
 2010 London Greenwich
 2009 Newport
 2008 Galway
 2007 Belfast
 2006 Glasgow
More information on each of these is available on the conference pages.

Training and CPD modules

RaPAL are involved in developing training and CPD underpinned by research for which there is interest and demand in the field. These may take root from workshops delivered at our conferences. Recently, we are involved in developing CPD modules with NIACE. We also offer online delivery via platforms such as WebEx.

Fringe Discussions, 2014
Fringe Discussions, 2014

Other Events

RaPAL are involved in other events in the field on an ad hoc basis. Our members have been involved in a wide range of activities including consultation with national and international organisations, feeding in to policy and a range of research and publications.

Proposals always welcome to info@rapal.org.uk.

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