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Monthly Archives: November, 2016

Literacies in Professional Services: Implications for Self-Advocacy, Society and Community Development

Literacies in Professional Services: 24th BALID Informal Literacy Discussion 5pm on 30th November, London, UK On Wednesday 30th November, we are holding our BALID AGM at 4pm, which will be followed at 5pm by a presentation and discussion on the above topic, led by Tara Furlong of RaPAL. This promises to be a significant discussion, …

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And on a lighter note to finish today’s posts, An Illustrated Guide to Weird British Expressions, on behalf of one of our readership

I won’t invite a detailed multi-modal or systemic functional linguistic analysis at this moment in time, but applied digital storytelling at UEL might pass muster for literacies foci. An Illustrated Guide to Weird British Expressions [Infographic] by Sykes Cottages with a bit more detail on the page itself. NB, please note that RaPAL do not …

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Third Bremen Conference on Multimodality

Posted on behalf of Dr. Chiao-I Tseng, 20.09.2017-22.09.2017 Bremen, Germany Keynote speakers Kay O’Halloran (Curtin University, Australia) David Machin (Orebro University, Sweden) Ellen Fricke (Chemnitz University, Germany) Call for Papers BreMM17 is the third in a series of conferences dedicated to bringing together different disciplinary and methodological approaches to the study of multimodality in various …

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Systemic Functional Linguistics at the Crossroads: Intercultural and Contrastive Descriptions of Language

Posted on behalf of, 27th European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference: Plaza de Anaya s/n 37008 06/28/2017 – 07/01/2017 From a systemic functional perspective, language is considered essentially a probabilistic system. An important part of the meaning of any feature is its relative probability in relation to other mutually defining features and, therefore, language description is …

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‘Untold – an Un-conference about digital storytelling’

Posted on behalf of Polly Rodgers, University of East London, University Square Stratford, Salway Road, London, E15 1NF 11th and 12th July 2017 Background Untold – An Un-conference about Digital Storytelling will bring together academics and practitioners for two-days to creatively explore and interrogate issues arising in digital storytelling practice and theory.  It is a …

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