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Weaving Literacy Through Lifelong Learning


The British Association for Literacy in Development (BALID) will be hosting a seminar on Friday 18th November 2016 (10.30-16.15) in central London entitled

Weaving literacy through lifelong learning

The keynote speaker is Dr Ulrike Hanemann, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) on ‘Promoting lifelong learning: incorporating multi-sector approaches to literacy’.

The seminar will be chaired by Prof Alan Tuckett, past president of the International Council for Adult Education.

This seminar is aimed at practitioners, academics, NGOs, students and policy makers in the fields of literacy and lifelong learning. It will provide a forum for multi-sectoral dialogue exploring the role of literacy in enhancing lifelong learning.

In international education thinking, the concept of lifelong learning is well established, focusing on the promotion of learning opportunities of varied kinds for people of all ages with a view to unlocking their potential to live fulfilled lives as individuals and as members of their societies. However, much work remains to be done to develop a full understanding of how literacy is located within lifelong learning – a task which is complicated by the dominance of the traditional concept of literacy learning as involving only the mastery of basic reading and writing skills.

Through the day we will be exploring literacy within the context of international development agendas, especially the Education 2030 Framework for Action.  There will be opportunities to hear examples of innovative practice from resource poor contexts and to take part in interactive sessions on the role of literacy in lifelong learning.

Standard booking fee £80
Members fee (IoE Post-14 Centre or BALID) £60
Unwaged £30

Book early by requesting a booking form from Dr Ian Cheffy on ian_cheffy@sil.org

Booking form, agenda and publicity available on balid.org.uk
We look forward to seeing some of you there.

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  1. A report on the event is now uploaded to the BALID website http://balid.org.uk/, and video clips are also available: shorts from the day https://youtu.be/j1tjM5WCIzI and a summary of Dr Ulrike Hanemann’s keynote https://youtu.be/tvj_JNHuKzI

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