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Compass/ NUT Education Enquiry: another opportunity to make RaPAL’s views felt


The Compass/ NUT Education Inquiry, established in 2013, is progressing at speed now. The most recent draft interim report Education for the 21st Century sets out the values and philosophy, along with some proposals. The full Interim Report will be published in May.

The Inquiry remit will include a ‘fifth dimension’ focused on lifelong learning that currently occupies just one page (p26) of the interim report. A small group are now working to develop this strand and it’s this area we are inviting you to contribute to.

This group is not starting from scratch as over the past 2 years an extensive report was produced by the Compass FE working group: FE for the Good Society. We are now updating and revising that report – filling in some significant gaps primarily to extend the remit to ‘FE and Lifelong Learning’. One of these ‘gaps’ is adult basic skills and it’s this that we hope you will contribute to.

What is required is a piece- 500 words maximum- setting out policy proposals for this area based on the Compass 5 core values (below) that:

· Reviews the strengths and weaknesses of current arrangements, especially from the perspective of learners and of those learners who have befitted least in our unequal society
· Identifies priorities with (brief) justification if not covered in the review of strengths and weaknesses
· Sets out policy proposals.

We want political parties to adopt our policies so hope to make proposals that are realistic whilst being firmly based on our 5 values. We wish to see the creation of a national education service from cradle to crave based on a new settlement between national government, those who provide it and those who use it. The underpinning core values are: democracy; equality and fairness; sustainability; well-being; creativity.

We have been asked to make a relatively small but very important contribution to the Compass/NUT Education Inquiry. Please post your ideas as comments, by Saturday March 1st and we will integrate these into a 500 word statement.

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  1. And for learners:

    “Adult literacy and numeracy – learners, have your say

    The Business, Innovation and Skills Committee is looking into Adult Literacy and Numeracy and we want your help by telling us your experiences. Watch Caroline Dinenage MP explain more about the Committee’s inquiry in our video.”


    Deadline for submissions: Tuesday 25 March 2014″

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