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lsrn (Learning and Skills Research Network)

I recently attended a regional lsrn meeting kindly hosted by Jacqueline McFarlane-Fraser at the east London African Caribbean Women’s Development Centre and organised by Sai Loo and Rania Hafez at the Institute of Education, where Sai Loo updated us on the outcomes of their Strategic Planning Workshop earlier this autumn and a number of colleagues presented recent research projects.

Jane Speare at Greenwich University has been working on social interaction around poetry in education to develop reflective practice and we look forward to including an article from her in an upcoming RaPAL journal. Azumah Dennis at the University of Hull presented her research on generating portraits and maps from interviews; and our host Jaqueline McFarlane Fraser presented on the work of the ACWDC and its range of provision and community projects. She showed us some beautiful artefacts created by students and members of the centre in classes, ranging from 3D architectural productions to paintings which explore the world around us, identities and integrated literacies skills.

The lsrn’s most recent newsletter is available here and the next meeting is due to be scheduled early in the new year.

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