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Flooded with Thoughts on Literacy While Bailing out in Calgary

Audrey Gardner writes a personal professional reflection contextualising literacies measurements and provides some useful links while she’s at it. Given the impact these international metrics and discussions have on our everyday lives, it is a pertinent reminder of advocating our social practice approach as a counter-balance.

Adult Literacy and Essential Skills Research Institute

Written By: Audrey Gardner

The day after the International Symposium on Literacy as Numbers: Researching the Politics and Practices of Literacy Assessment Regimes in London, I flew back to Calgary saturated with happy thoughts from all the event’s provocative conversations, presentations, and discussions about the implications of large-scale measures (international skill surveys) on the meaning of adult literacy at both the policy and practice levels. It was a long way to travel for a one-day event but the topic was so close to my own research that I had to go. I am exploring how so-called assessment regimes—that is, measurement technologies on a global scale such as those commissioned by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) — influence adult literacy policies and programming. It was definitely worth the journey.

Here in Canada there is little opportunity to participate with colleagues in constructive discussions about how government’s emphatic uptake…

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  1. Great to hear your thoughts about the Literacy as Numbers Symposium Audrey and I really like the links you’ve made. Hope to keep in touch, also hope life in Calgary has returned to normal.

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