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Australian Council for Adult Literacy Conference 2013

Australian Council for Adult Literacy Conference 2013

Conference in response to preliminary findings of the 2011/2012 PIAAC international adult literacy survey by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and current topics which chime with challenges we are engaging with here such as vocationally and academically integrated literacies, educating young school leavers, community development and professionalisation of the literacies workforce.

Most of us are not lucky enough to make it all the way to Australia but Mary Hamilton, Lancaster University, and Jeff Evans, Middlesex University, are keynote speakers. There is a huge spread of workshops over three full days! Take a look http://www.acal.edu.au/13conf/sessions.htm. Looking forward to some of the shared media at the end and maybe an article or three in our journals.


  1. I was excited to be invited to speak at ACAL and the workshop programme does look good. I hope to find out how people in Australia are responding to the PIAAC survey results which will be out in October and I know that Jeff will be involved in these conversations too. There is a real interest at ACAL in comparing international experiences. I will be happy to write a short report on my visit for RaPAL when I get back.

  2. Amy Burgess

    I’m sure everyone who attended the RaPAL conference in 2009 will remember the keynote address given by Margaret McHugh, then President of ACAL and now representative for Western Australia. Margaret’s talk and the article which she subsequently wrote for the RaPAL journal (Vol 71:17-20) reminded us powerfully that although we may live and work on opposite sides of the world, we face many common issues and can learn from and support one another. The publicity for the 2013 ACAL conference shows that this is still very much the case, so we will look forward to Mary’s report when she returns from Sydney.

  3. Jeff Evans requested I post on his behalf:

    “The reason I am going to the ACAL conference is to support ACAL’s efforts to let adult literacy and numeracy colleagues know about the imminent release of PIAAC results in 25 countries, and to help with efforts to situate and to understand the methods of such international comparative surveys, and their results. In the UK I work with the Radical Statistics Group (http://www.radstats.org.uk/ ), which aims at “using statistics to support progressive social change”. At the conference, I will also want to present ideas from the recent chapter by Jeff Evans, Tine Wedege and Keiko Yasukawa, ‘Critical Perspectives on Adults’ Mathematics Education’ in the Third International Handbook of Mathematics Education, ed. by Ken Clements et al., Springer, 2013.”

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